Lama is the honorific title for the Buddhist monks, but now this title is now only for Tibetan Buddhist monks.

The young lama is doing Tibetan worship to accumulate merit.

Learn to use new phones

This child is the youngest among them. He comes with his uncle, but he doesn’t know what he was in his hand, blankly looking at his uncle.

I once asked them that do they have any changes after learning the Buddhism, to be gentler to others. For such a question, the teenagers aged 16 or 17 could answer some, but the children with an age of 8 or 9 knew nothing at all.

A young Lama, 2017

Learning to skate becomes their great interest, 2017

During the puja ceremony, we still could see some young lama in different height, behind the adults.

Rope skipping, 2017

The buddhistic school kids after morning class, 2017

Children in the ceremony, 2017

Young Lamas, 2017

Young Lamas, 2017

Read the Scripture with a microphone, 2017

Every vacation, they will bring food and firewood to spend ten days turning the mountain on foot for puja ceremony

A young lama holding a pot of milk tea on the way to turning the mountain, 2017