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Traveling around the world and taking photos are part of my life. Photos are the carrier of my memory and the bailment of my emotions. Through the photos, I not only can express my point of views towards the world, but also can understand people’s world from different personal points and to show their values. This is the original intention for me to strive to take the Film & TV Cinematography & Production as my undergraduate major, through which I was exposed to the software applications, the exposure control & discovery and the mastery of characters, as well as a new cognition on the color and composition of photos.

Today’s society prefers to domesticate photos as public art. Family photos that have stood up for decades are nothing compared to mass-produced photos. In this context, I prefer to carry out one function of family photos, which is the proof of personal feelings. I reprinted and enlarged the family album, and then pasted it on the roadside display to reproduce the functions the photo should have: Resist time and prove existence, prove the traces of my birth and my life with my family. It can be seen that with the evidence of memory, more and more people interpret the relationship between society and individuals in the context of contemporary art and express their personal feelings. This phenomenon inspired me to criticize the proliferation of digital photos and to think about a sense of personal belonging, the memory and the social. Maybe I can create an environment with a sense of belonging through vision and smell. This will also be the goal of my future research.


B.A in Photography and Production of Film and TV Arts


1st prize Sino-Serbian Youth Photography Festival
Golden Seagull Award 2015/2015
2nd Shandong Photo Contest